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Restorative Construction Services

The thought of your home being damaged in a storm by wind or hail is not all that entertaining. The reality of it happening and you having to recover from it is considerably worse.

Midwest Restorations is here to help you restore your home and life in the event of a major home emergency. Whether it is wind, hail, a hurricane, or other damage from a storm, you can call on us.  We will start the process of bringing your home back to its former state immediately.

Responsive & Reliable

You want to make sure the contractor you hire to rebuild your home has

  • plenty of experience
  • a good reputation
  • uses the latest technology and building equipment

Our company fits the bill on all counts. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are highly rated, and we employ skilled and experienced craftsmen.


It’s one thing to say you’re committed to be responsive and doing a good job, but it’s something entirely different when it comes to proving it. MWR proved it!
— Mike M