About Us

Established in 2005, Midwest Restorations is the go-to company when a homeowner or business is hit with a disaster.

We specialize in restoration services and disaster recovery construction. We have a level of expertise that a lot of other contractors don't, especially when dealing with insurance companies regarding storm related insurance claims.

In addition to contracting certifications, we follow strict industry guidelines incorporating standards set by the EPA and OSHA. This is our way of ensuring every detail of a project is addressed and the work is exceptional. When it comes to restoring a home or rebuilding a business, we are committed to doing right by those that put their trust in us.

After coming home to holes in my siding and windows from hail damage, I wasn’t sure what to do. We called Midwest Restorations, and to our surprise, they showed up in less than 24 hours. I absolutely believe it was their quick response and experience that saved our home.
— Abigale G